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Harness Your Kim Chi

October 20, 2010

With the drop in temperatures, the revolving season of colors and Holiday season quickly approaching – you crave your own personal change.

You want something new.  Something fresh.  Something satisfying.

Central Park in the Fall is pretty darn amazing.


Look no further than our BRAND NEW Korean Inspired Kim Chi Beef Dumpling!





National High-Five Day!!

April 14, 2010

National High Five Day is here!!

high-five [hahy-fahyv] –noun
a gesture of greeting, good-fellowship, or triumph in which one person slaps the upraised palm of the hand against that of another.

In honor of National High Five Day tomorrow, Rickshaw will of course be handing out our Free High Fives and High $5 for an order of dumplings as well ALL DAY! That is worth high fiving about! Click below for more info about National High Five Day!



Vote for the Best Haiku

July 29, 2009

Sooooo, we are really good at replying to customer comments whether you guys leave notes on the Comment Cards at Rickshaw or when you guys email us as well but the one thing we have been really bad at is responding to the haikus we have gotten.  Call it selfish but we have been enjoying them internally and it is now time to bring the poetic genius of our customers to you.  If you do want to submit a dumpling inspired haiku to us, you can do so from our website by leaving an email.  Make sure you vote for your favorite haiku below. The winning haiku will get a dumpling party for ten people!

Haiku 1

Bite. tender dough. crunch.
Luscious chocolate oozes,
Bittersweet ending.

by Susan Arak

Haiku 2

whether steamed or fried,
the dumplings whisper to me:

by Sid Grant

Haiku 3

Steamed or fried: purses
Overstuffed with such soft love.
Rickshaw Dumplings: wow.

by Jess Allen

Haiku 4

Chop sticks, buns and fun
Fried or steamed pockets of dough
with edamame

Lauren Johnson

Citrus Ginger Dressing Salad is Back

July 23, 2009

When we first opened Rickshaw Anita created just one salad: the Citrus Ginger Dressing Salad with Asian greens, crunchy jicama and fried shallots.  Shortly after we opened she created six unique salads that were paired with each type of dumpling to mirror the six noodle soups.  Those salads are still here but we have brought back the original Rickshaw Salad and people are pretty psyched about it!

Citrus Ginger Salad

Citrus Ginger Salad

The dressing is made with the zest and juice of three citrus’ (limes, oranges, and lemons) and freshly crushed ginger.  We pair this salad with dumplings when customers order the Rickshaw Regular.  Come check out the old school salad.  It is a tasty crunchy salad party in every bite.

Top Chef Post-game Wrap-Up with Tonight’s Winner Anita Lo

July 8, 2009

Ok, guys.  Here is the first of hopefully many post-game wrap-ups with our Chef Anita Lo.  To see the official interview click here.

First off, congratulations.  I thought you rocked!  It was so fun to see you up there.  Everyone at Rickshaw is super proud!  How was it to watch the episode?

Anita Lo (AL): A little painful but bearable.

One Handed Egg

How do you cut the egg shell?

Al:       I used an egg cutter and I knew I was going to have to get help.

All of the other chef’s seemed great.  How did you decide who was going to help you get those eggs opened?

AL:      I went to whomever was available.  Besh (John Besh) helped me the most
Can you tell me the egg dish that you made again?

AL:      Soft Scrambled Egg with Shiitake, Oyster Sauce and Truffle Oil

Any moments of clarity where you thought, “this isn’t going to work” or “this is going to be awesome?”

AL: There was a moment that they showed where the egg was cracking and I thought oh crap this isn’t going to work……

Creating Magic Dinner for Doogie Howser, MD.  Could it get anymore LA?

AL:    No, the whole thing was pretty magical and sometimes surreal.

How did it feel when you were hanging at Whole Foods and the boys said that you were the one to beat?

AL: That was uncomfortable…

What did you think of Max Maven:

AL: I thought he was fabulous.  So fun.  His outfit was cool!

You drew “Illusion.”  What were your immediate thoughts?

AL: I thought, I need to make something that didn’t look like what it was.  I wanted to do something cold because it was easier, and I initially was thinking a tidal pool, where the goldfish were made out of meat and then dismissed that as impossible

We are all glad you didn’t do the meat goldfish.

AL: Then I thought of making meat look like scallop.  I wanted to engage all the senses and create an experience akin to being by the ocean so I wanted things like sand crackling at the edge of a tide.  I was excited by the rice krispie possibility of creating sound.  At the end it didn’t really work out that way and have the sound I had imagined.

Were you happy with the end dish though?

AL: When I was plating near the end it was not working at all  There was cereal everywhere and it was so messy and so upsetting.

But that turned out to be not a big deal?

AL: The overall effect worked and the element that I was the most stressed about (the sand and sound element) ended up passing muster

You seemed to take a very intellectual approach as one of the judges said to that dish.  Is this a typical approach for you to creating a new dish?

AL: Sometimes it is about flavor and that is the guide and sometimes it is about doing something interesting and and something that makes sense together and has a story behind it like the seascape.  Personally, I really particularly enjoy the approach and path I took for that challenge.

Have there been times when some element of a dish you were not satisfied with turned out a moot point with your guests?

AL: Oh, yeah that happens all the time but  the beauty of restaurant is that you can correct those things with each day with each customer’s experience. On Top Chef you get one chance!

What was your favorite part about the Magic Castle:

AL: It was so cool, it was such a spectacle, everywhere you looked  it was kitschy interesting….

Anything you saw there made you wish you had it at your house?


When you saw each chef’s plating at the Magic Castle (I know you didn’t taste) which did you think was the one to beat?

AL: I thought they were all good.  John Besh was closest in style to mine so maybe I thought that was the one to beat

Were you surprised by any of the judges comments?

AL: I was surprised by James Oseland from Saveur’s comment that the dish was bit under-seasoned.

I am surprised too, because I know how much we both love salt.  Congratulations and I cant wait to see next week!

Check out the Charity that Anita chose to compete for here.

Get to Know Chef Anita Lo, One of the Stars of Tonight’s Top Chef Master Series

July 8, 2009

Our Chef, Anita Lo ready to go

Tonight is Anita’s chance to rock it big on Top Chef Master Series.  Before we give you some insight into what is in Anita Lo’s fridge and what she eats when she reads, this is what they say about tonight’s episode which airs at 10pm EST on Bravo:

“Top Chef Masters” brings together distinguished chefs Anita Lo (Annisa), Douglas Rodriguez (Alma de Cuba), John Besh (Restaurant August) and Mark Peel (Campanile). The Masters find their hands tied in the quickfire challenge as they must cook an egg with one hand tied behind their back (All Stars Challenge, season three of “Top Chef”), and then must create culinary magic to awe their high-profile guests which include Neil Patrick Harris. One chef moves on to the Champions Round.”

I caught up with Anita when she was at Rickshaw last week and asked her in between tasting dumplings the following questions, check out her answers:

I wish “____”  was in season all year ‘round.

Chef Anita Lo (AL):     Corn

Most underrated vegetable:

AL:      Okra or cabbage

I hate it when people don’t like to eat:

AL:      Innards: mostly people are afraid of them because of a cultural bias, but innards are delicious when prepared well, and eating the whole animal is important to the sustainability of our food sources.

Cheese is best when you:

AL:      Stop worrying about calories and enjoy it in copious quantities melted, or at the perfect (room) temperature with a plain, crusty baguette

Seemingly scary but surprisingly delicious:

AL:      Deep fried crickets and live, still-moving octopus

Great food happens when:

AL:      A detailed individual who passionately loves to eat, steps up to the stove

Great service happens when:

AL:      A great company cares about its employees and gives them the tools to put the customer first, and to recognize each customers individual needs

Mythbuster: Top misconception about Asian Food:

AL:      It has to be dirt cheap. Great, seasonal, natural and local ingredients made by employees paid a fair wage in a clean, prime location costs money.  That being said, I still think Rickshaw is a great deal for what you get.

What is in your fridge right now?

AL:      Vegetables from my garden, lots of wine, a tin of duck fat from the ’80’s, and more condiments than you can imagine.

What are you reading right now?

AL:      “The Savage Detectives” by Roberto Bolano and Adam Perry Lang’s “Serious Barbeque”

What do you like to snack on when you read?

AL:      I habitually snack on black currant candies as I read.

Check back after the show airs for a post-show debrief with Anita on Wednesday evening.