Get in the game! With Buffalo Chicken Dumplings!!


Buffalo Chicken is back!  And it’s here to settle the score!

Don’t make your snack situation a game time decision.  Plan ahead!  Open up that menu like a playbook and get yourself ready for the big game with an order dumplings from our catering menu.

Get you gameday crew stocked for football season with our Buffalo Chicken Dumplings with a creamy Bleu Cheese Dip!  What?  Did we just put one of your favorite game time foods into a dumpling form?  Darn right we did!

It’s only here for a limited time – so stop by the store and grab an order of 3, 6, 9, 27 or 45 before it’s too late!  And don’t forget to give us a call (Flatiron: 212-924-9220 or Midtown: 212-461-1750) or visit our Website to have us cater your watch party, next large gathering or office lunch!


One Response to “Get in the game! With Buffalo Chicken Dumplings!!”

  1. Ryan K. Says:

    these buff chicken dumplings are literally amazing

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