Dumpling Forecast August 28 – September 2


Alright Alright Alright

The final days of this intensely hot season are upon us. For our more youthful readers, that probably means your going back to some kind of school, and I’ll bet you’re pretty bummed. Well I’ve got news for you, education and success are two sides of the same coin. Think about it. I for one am tired of sweating and hallucinating from heatstrokes on the subway platform and then freezing to death in the actual subway cars. That’s how people get sick!

Anyway, what WE’RE doing to celebrate the end of summer is checking out and vending at Electric Zoo this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You know what Electric Zoo is right? Have you heard of David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Steve Aoki, or uh, I dunno, Skrillex by any chance? Don’t be silly, of course you have. And you love them because this music is the sound of our generation! So we’ll see you there, and if it’s anything like it was last year, we’ll be serving all 100,000 of you day and night, dusk till dawn! Remember to stay hydrated and to make mature and intelligent descisions!

Here’s the schedule. Later babes.

Truck locations are subject to change, check http://www.twitter.com/rickshawtruck  on day of.

Weekday lunches are: 11a – 3p and Weekend locations are: 11a – 6p

Don’t forget, if you miss our truck you can always visit our store at 61 W 23rd St. OR 459 Lexington Ave.

 Tuesday August 28
World Financial Center: Vesey Street
Wednesday August 29
World Financial Center: Vesey Street
Thursday August 30
NY Public Library-Lunch hour NYC: 40th & 5th
Friday August 31
Time Life Building/Rock Center: 50th & 6th
Electric Zoo: Randall’s Island Park
Saturday September 1
Electric Zoo: Randall’s Island Park
Sunday September 2
Electric Zoo: Randall’s Island Park
Governor’s Island

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