Food Trucks Forever And Ever


We at camp Rickshaw are absolutely chuffed that Rachel Pomerance chose us as the visual reference for her excellent piece on America’s ever ascending interest in food trucks and the culture surrounding them! You can read the whole thing right here at US News. It gives an insightful look at the growing fixation on interesting and progressive food enterprises in American cities, as well as the practical advantages and concerns of food truck operations from both the owner’s and customer’s (or…ahem…FOODIE) perspective.

It is a cool piece because it recognizes that we’re living in a time where the realm of possibilities for chefs and entrepreneurs is constantly expanding. Technologies and recipes have evolved with the mainstream media’s thorough coverage of all things culinary to open the floodgates for some awesome, potentially crazy (in a positive sense) ideas and give them a chance to join reality. The result is that tons of people, so many of whom aren’t even directly involved in the culinary world, are genuinely interested in trying everything that modern food has to offer, and become intelligent critics of each establishment’s merits. Food is obviously an important part of everyday life if you’re a living thing, and now that education about food options has become so available the world over, it seems natural that customer’s minds are opening and intelligent opinions are forming. Which is great because a love of food and all it has to offer makes for a healthier, happier person and also, as you’ll read in the article, actually makes you more attractive too. You should really think about that.

Obviously this boom in the food world has been awesome for Rickshaw, because if you, the lovely reader, weren’t particularly interested in trying new things, we, if not all food trucks, probably wouldn’t even exist! That would be very sad indeed, since we’re so absolutely in love with dumplings and all the possibilities they present for delicious recipes, and live to share them with you. But thanks to all the love and attention we always receive from our loyal fans, we get to keep on truckin’. We’re happy. You’re happy. Everyone’s happy. And that’s what it is all about. So major thanks to all of you devoted New Yorkers who keep coming back for more and keep spreading the good word to your friends and tweeting our praises, because you do it for us and we do it for you.

So again, check the article out. It’s very well written and grabs a lot of insights from important heads in the food world. And feel free to get lost in the amazing picture of us that graces the article. We should really do a photo contest or something!


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