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Get To Know Your Truckers! Hooray for new friends!

April 12, 2012

Name: Danny

Nickname: Chubby Wubby

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL. a.k.a  ‘da burg

Age: 26

I have lived in NYC for: 4 years

I love working on the Dumpling Truck when: The weather is nice. The entire city just seems to function better.

My favorite location to work on the truck is: Anywhere in Brooklyn, but 45th and 6th in Manhattan, friendliest people, ever.

The craziest experience I had on the truck was when: These two very professional business women starting getting very aggressive over who was going to get the last order of vegetarian edamame dumplings. I swear I hear some mother insults going on

My favorite season is: winter, hands down.

I knew I was special when: I started to get way more pats on the back than other people.

When I am not spreading dumpling love, you can find me… Taking advantage of the city, admiring my boyfriend, trying out ridiculous cupcake recipes, but mainly stressing out over school assignments.

Customers on the street would love us more if they knew: That when someone orders a box of all three dumplings we call it an “around the world” who knew traveling could be so easy!

I hate it when: Texters run directly into you on the street and look at you like it’s your fault. Also, when the taco truck by my apartment isn’t around.

It’s sort of magical when: Two magicians go out on a date.

I was dumbstruck when I saw: An ihop open in Bushwick

My favorite color is: Orange! Definitely not purple.

I would describe my style when I am working on the truck as: Retro Presbyterian sheik

I would describe my style when I am not working on the truck as: The opposite of anyone who is obsessed with yoga

The truck wouldn’t be the truck without: Constantly being hassled by Halah guys (I will always love you!)

Most awesome famous person sighting: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard for sure, but Mario Lopez was a close second.