Harness Your Kim Chi


With the drop in temperatures, the revolving season of colors and Holiday season quickly approaching – you crave your own personal change.

You want something new.  Something fresh.  Something satisfying.

Central Park in the Fall is pretty darn amazing.


Look no further than our BRAND NEW Korean Inspired Kim Chi Beef Dumpling!



With the new season, we’re proud to introduce our new dumpling creation – The Kim Chi Beef Dumpling with Sekom Dip.

For all you heat lovers, this dumpling is for you!

Kim Chi - Korea's spicy pickled cabbage has been around almost 3000 years!

A generous mix of Angus beer infused with fresh garlic and home-made kim chi, our brand new dumpling is a perfect blend of flavor.  Savory and with a spicy bite, it’s paired perfectly with our bright sweet and sour Sekom dip.

The Kim Chi Beef Dumpling is like a warm sunrise on your Seoul!

Stop by and try the new Kim Chi Beef Dumpling!!  And don’t forget to visit our Rickshaw Trucks all over the city – including Tavern on the Green EVERYDAY!!


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