Dumplings for a Difference


Starting October 4th, the Rickshaw Dumpling Trucks will be running “Dumplings for Difference”.  This will be a charitable competition amongst our customers for who can cash in the most gift cards at donorschoose.org during the month.  After the smoke has settled, the company with the largest amount of donors will win a dumpling truck feast!  Check out the leaderboard at this link!

donorschoose.org loves kids.

Donors Choose is an amazing organization that connects donors with classrooms in need.

Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on DonorsChoose.org. Requests range from pencils for a poetry writing unit, to violins for a school recital, to microscope slides for a biology class.

Then, you can browse project requests and give any amount to the one that inspires you. Once a project reaches its funding goal, we deliver the materials to the school.

Below is a great video that goes in depth about DonorsChoose and you get to see Zac Efron!

This is a great way for everyone to get involved in making the future better and brighter for the younger generation.  Not only that, but you get to stuff yourself with dumplings!  What a combo – helping kids in the classroom and delicious dumplings!!

What is “Dumplings for a Difference”?

Dumplings for a Difference is a month-long competition between companies to support New York City classroom projects through DonorsChoose.org.
What is DonorsChoose.org? DonorsChoose.org is an online charity connecting individual donors to classrooms in need.  DonorsChoose.org is a 501(c)3 charity – all donations are fully tax deductible.

How long will the campaign last?

The campaign will last October 4th – October 29th

Does it cost me anything to redeem a DonorsChoose.org Gift Card?

You do not have to pay anything to use the gift card.  However, the winning company will be the one that has the highest donations, from both gift cards and donations with credit cards.

Does the Gift Card ever expire?

Yes, the gift card will expire October 31, 2010.

Dumplings can open doors for these kids.

Can I redeem multiple Gift Cards?

For every lunch that you purchase Monday through Friday between October 4th and October 29th, you will receive a gift card.  You can redeem as many Gift Cards as you receive.

How do I get the free dumpling feast?

All participants from the company with the most donations will receive a free dumpling feast, courtesy of Rickshaw Dumpling Truck.  Only those individuals who have redeemed a gift card and/or given a donation via credit card to the winning company are eligible to win.
How will I find out if my company wins?  DonorsChoose.org will communicate with all participants from the winning company via e-mail.

So get psyched and tell your coworkers about it!!  And do it for the kids..



One Response to “Dumplings for a Difference”

  1. Katie Says:

    We are so excited for Dumpling for a Difference to start tomorrow! YEAH RICKSHAW! 🙂

    -Katie at DonorsChoose.org

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