Trucks Vs Proposed Law


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Hey Rickshaw Fans!

As you may have heard, a city council member from the UES proposed an amendment that attacked the livelihood of mobile vendors here in the city of New York. This past Wednesday there was a public hearing to discuss the proposed bill from both supporters and opponents. The discussion was lively and full of surprises.

Check out this great video!

First and foremost, thank you everyone that signed the petition against the bill. We appreciate all the incredible support we’re receiving and thank you a billion for being generally so awesome.

Just to quickly summarize, Jessica Lappin, the Upper East Side Council Member, proposed a law that would revoke a mobile vendor’s permit if it received 3 parking tickets for either: feeding the meter (adding money to meters or munis after the time it says on the parking signs) or idling our engine for more than three minutes (not our generator).

At the hearing Wednesday there were a number of vendors as well as people that either supported or were against the bill that spoke. Surprisingly, Team Vendors got an unexpected boost from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration! They stated that they were opposed to the bill on the grounds that such a law would be difficult to enforce and that it would impose a severe punishment for such a minor infraction.

“Singling out food vendors for the loss of their livelihood for common parking offenses and anecdotal quality of life complaints is unnecessarily excessive,” the administration said in a letter submitted to the council.

With that being said, the truck owners are actively pursuing a line of involvement with the government offices necessary to promote a positive view of us as an industry.

We think that the support from the Mayor’s office as well as from council members that spoke out against the bill was a HUMOUNGOUSLY positive sign. We’re greatly optimistic that the amendment will be dropped from consideration. And look forward to bringing dumplings to all the corners of New York City.

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