Nice Ice Homeslice!


The Fonz loves our new dessert!

HOLY TOLEDO!  If the Fonz thinks it’s freakin’ fantastic, then it’s gotta be true!

And for good reason too! You thought we had NICE DUMPLINGS, we now have NICE ICISCLES, or Nice-icles!
Just in time for the warming temperatures, we here at Rickshaw Dumpling Bar unleash your new frozen treat…..

Imagine sitting in your favorite park, the sun is relentless and you’re reading the newest NYT Bestseller. Boy it’s warm. The white shirt you were wearing has become see-thru. You start wishing it was winter again. You’re hallucinating. Your body needs a cool reprieve. Cool it down with an old school Nice-icle which will remind you of your Otter Pop Days

The solution, a three pronged attack! You venture to Rickshaw Dumpling Bar to fulfill your Icicle Fantasy.

The Mango Lassi Nice-icle!

Imagine this treat without the bothersome straw and glass.

Traditionally prepared as a refreshing smoothie drink in places like Pakistan and India, we’ve taken it a step further. A generous mixture of fresh mango, cool mint-like cardamon, tangy tart Fage yogurt, the Mango Lassi Pop is exactly what you need. You’d never find such a tasty treat from the creepy guy peddling his wares in a Mr. Softee truck. Homemade with love and tenderness, the Mango Lassi Pop hits the spot.

The Thai Coffee Nice-icle!

Imagine this treat without the bothersome straw and glass.

Getting a little sluggish? Is the heat making you tired? Need your caffeine fix but don’t want to drink hot coffee or espresso and increase your body temp? Well take a trip and try our Thai Coffee Nice-icle! It’s got the distinctive punch of thai coffee to pick you and the candied taste of condensed milk to satisfy your sweet tooth. An adult delight packaged in a devilishly decadent dessert!

The Calamansi Nice-icle!

Mmmmmm.. Calamansi. Hits the spot everytime!

Nothing reminds me of Summer days like a tall cool refreshing glass of lemonade. The way it quenches that deep thirst when the air is so hot and humid can’t be matched. Better yet, going to a fair and getting one of those frozen lemonades that you had to eat with a mini-wooden oar looking thing. Well, we’ve taken these memories and frozen them in time with our Calamansi Nice-icle. Capturing the natural sweetness of the calamansi fruit and adding a dash of salt, this Nice-icle is the talk of the town!

This person really has their priorities straight!

Whoa! So many frozen confections for you to try! Now bring on the summer and come try all of our Nice-icles today!!


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