National High Five Day Part Deux!!


Don't leave ANYONE behind!

As official sponsors of National High Five Day, we want to high five you!

  1. Come in to the store or find us on the trucks; all day, Thursday April 15.  We are at Hudson + King; as well as at Hanover Square; today!
  2. Every order of six dumplings on Thursday will be $5 in honor of the awesome High Five!

Feeling a little timid about Hi-5ing? Throw an extra shot into your commuter mug this morning or just take a look at the following famous and historical Hi-5ives and be inspired.

Inspirational High-Five to get you motivated and PUMPED!

Jimmy Carter with unidentified lucky person!

High Five for Education!


V.P. High Five: “Biden you are awesome!”

Prince High Fives: All “Five” and we will watch them fall

Tiger Woods High-Five Fail

Michelle Obama High Five: High fiving is awesome even in that cardigan!

Oprah High Five: I am so rich I can give you a high ten!

Tina Fey: The Self High Fiver. You always do it better for yourself

Borat High Five: In My Country High Five means you are awesome!

Starsky + Hutch High Five: they aren’t high fiving here but they definitely high five all the time.

Epic High Five with SNL's Andy Samberg!

Top Gun High Five: That’s right Goose, we spiked it down on Iceman good!

Scientology High-Five: creepy.......

The Royal High Five: Prince William

Wolverine High Five: Dad, you were awesome in Wolverine but even better hosting the Oscars

Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelly High Five: I just left Grey’s Anatomy, gimme five!

Jack Nicholson lets it all hang out and does an aquatic high five

High Five It Like Beckham!

Baywatch High Five!

Jonas Brothers High-Fivin it out: High five it like when we were kids, oh yeah we still are kids.

Eva Longoria high fives on the red carpet

Young Spiderman High Fives his father

Hillary Clinton High Five: well actually some creepy person high fiving a wax statue of Hillary

Ryan Seacrest High Fives a blind guys….how do you think that goes?

Kung Fu High Fve: This high five deserves a high five

Rihanna and Jay-Z High Five it Out

Make sure you come in to Rickshaw today or find us on the truck at,. High five it out for $5 order of dumplings! And share with us your favorite high five moment from above or a new one!

BONUS! If you’ve lasted this long through a gallery of high-fives, you’ll surely enjoy VIDEOS of HIGH-FIVES!!


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