Vote for the Best Haiku


Sooooo, we are really good at replying to customer comments whether you guys leave notes on the Comment Cards at Rickshaw or when you guys email us as well but the one thing we have been really bad at is responding to the haikus we have gotten.  Call it selfish but we have been enjoying them internally and it is now time to bring the poetic genius of our customers to you.  If you do want to submit a dumpling inspired haiku to us, you can do so from our website by leaving an email.  Make sure you vote for your favorite haiku below. The winning haiku will get a dumpling party for ten people!

Haiku 1

Bite. tender dough. crunch.
Luscious chocolate oozes,
Bittersweet ending.

by Susan Arak

Haiku 2

whether steamed or fried,
the dumplings whisper to me:

by Sid Grant

Haiku 3

Steamed or fried: purses
Overstuffed with such soft love.
Rickshaw Dumplings: wow.

by Jess Allen

Haiku 4

Chop sticks, buns and fun
Fried or steamed pockets of dough
with edamame

Lauren Johnson


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