Citrus Ginger Dressing Salad is Back


When we first opened Rickshaw Anita created just one salad: the Citrus Ginger Dressing Salad with Asian greens, crunchy jicama and fried shallots.  Shortly after we opened she created six unique salads that were paired with each type of dumpling to mirror the six noodle soups.  Those salads are still here but we have brought back the original Rickshaw Salad and people are pretty psyched about it!

Citrus Ginger Salad

Citrus Ginger Salad

The dressing is made with the zest and juice of three citrus’ (limes, oranges, and lemons) and freshly crushed ginger.  We pair this salad with dumplings when customers order the Rickshaw Regular.  Come check out the old school salad.  It is a tasty crunchy salad party in every bite.


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