Get to Know Chef Anita Lo, One of the Stars of Tonight’s Top Chef Master Series


Our Chef, Anita Lo ready to go

Tonight is Anita’s chance to rock it big on Top Chef Master Series.  Before we give you some insight into what is in Anita Lo’s fridge and what she eats when she reads, this is what they say about tonight’s episode which airs at 10pm EST on Bravo:

“Top Chef Masters” brings together distinguished chefs Anita Lo (Annisa), Douglas Rodriguez (Alma de Cuba), John Besh (Restaurant August) and Mark Peel (Campanile). The Masters find their hands tied in the quickfire challenge as they must cook an egg with one hand tied behind their back (All Stars Challenge, season three of “Top Chef”), and then must create culinary magic to awe their high-profile guests which include Neil Patrick Harris. One chef moves on to the Champions Round.”

I caught up with Anita when she was at Rickshaw last week and asked her in between tasting dumplings the following questions, check out her answers:

I wish “____”  was in season all year ‘round.

Chef Anita Lo (AL):     Corn

Most underrated vegetable:

AL:      Okra or cabbage

I hate it when people don’t like to eat:

AL:      Innards: mostly people are afraid of them because of a cultural bias, but innards are delicious when prepared well, and eating the whole animal is important to the sustainability of our food sources.

Cheese is best when you:

AL:      Stop worrying about calories and enjoy it in copious quantities melted, or at the perfect (room) temperature with a plain, crusty baguette

Seemingly scary but surprisingly delicious:

AL:      Deep fried crickets and live, still-moving octopus

Great food happens when:

AL:      A detailed individual who passionately loves to eat, steps up to the stove

Great service happens when:

AL:      A great company cares about its employees and gives them the tools to put the customer first, and to recognize each customers individual needs

Mythbuster: Top misconception about Asian Food:

AL:      It has to be dirt cheap. Great, seasonal, natural and local ingredients made by employees paid a fair wage in a clean, prime location costs money.  That being said, I still think Rickshaw is a great deal for what you get.

What is in your fridge right now?

AL:      Vegetables from my garden, lots of wine, a tin of duck fat from the ’80’s, and more condiments than you can imagine.

What are you reading right now?

AL:      “The Savage Detectives” by Roberto Bolano and Adam Perry Lang’s “Serious Barbeque”

What do you like to snack on when you read?

AL:      I habitually snack on black currant candies as I read.

Check back after the show airs for a post-show debrief with Anita on Wednesday evening.


3 Responses to “Get to Know Chef Anita Lo, One of the Stars of Tonight’s Top Chef Master Series”

  1. Bob Borden Says:

    Nice win, Anita! Go get ’em!

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  3. amberen reviews Says:


    Get to Know Chef Anita Lo, One of the Stars of Tonight’s Top Chef Master Series « nice dumplings…

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