Truck News: Responsible Street Eating


Hey Guys:  As many of you may know mobile vending has been getting a lot of attention lately. That being said, we are very committed to the safety of all New Yorkers, the cleanliness of the neighborhoods we park in and also the enjoyment of our customers.  To that end, there are a few things that you yourself as a self-identified street eater could help all of us vendors out with and thanks for your support!

  1. Put it in its Place.  Trash: Please be mindful of any trash that may come as a result of eating at our truck (or any truck).  If you do eat on the street, please throw away the refuse in a trash can or we would be happy to take it on the truck.  Our Dumpling Truckers are committed to doing a trash sweep upon arrival at a location as well as a trash sweep at the end of the shift.  If you see any refuse around our truck that we do not notice, please tell us and we will be happy to come out and sweep it up to our best ability!
  1. These Streets are Busy!  Forming a line: Please be aware of foot traffic patterns when you are getting in line.  We find the best way to get in line without blocking your fellow New Yorkers is to line up close to the Truck along the curb.  If we see a “bad” line forming we may just scold you back into place!  I know sometimes it is just too much and you can’t wait and you need to eat your dumplings right there!  Please take a look around and make sure you are not in a major causeway when before you dig in.  Thanks!
  1. No Ring Ring Ring Cell Phones: Please refrain from using your cell phones when up at the window.  For the benefit of other people behind you please have your order ready to rumble and for the benefit of your Dumpling Truckers please place your order without being on the cell to ensure that we hear your order properly.

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One Response to “Truck News: Responsible Street Eating”

  1. Jennifer E. Hohl Says:

    Mobile Vending??
    I would be most pleased to dispose of refuse, joyful to stand in a pristinely organized curb-side line, and downright obedient about restraining cell usage while ordering…OMG WHERE IS THERE A RICKSHAW TRUCK?!? : )


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