Annisa/Rickshaw Dumpling Bar takes Top Duck Award at D’Artagnan Duckathlon


Our Chef Anita Lo and I competed in the fifth annual Duckathlon which is an event hosted by D’Artagnan every year.  D’artagnan invites local restaurants to compete in various food related competitions such as guessing the country of origin and flavors of Mustards, guessing the weight of a suckling pig identifying testicles (we knew them!), flipping crepes in All Clad pans and tasting Armagnacs.  It is a great day of events and catching up with other restaurant folk.

Despite having three team members this year (normal is four) we rocked it out and came in first place!  Last year we came in second and the prior year we won it as well!  We beat teams from Daniel, China Grill, DB Bistro, Tribeca Grill and more.  What was the booty?  We scored 4 Moulard Ducks with fois intact, close to 20 terrines of fois gras pate and lamb merguez sausages!

duckathlon 2009 anita pig

duckathlon 2009 kkl pig


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2 Responses to “Annisa/Rickshaw Dumpling Bar takes Top Duck Award at D’Artagnan Duckathlon”

  1. Lyss Says:

    Love your duck dumplings, especially since they are packed full of flavor but aren’t spicy.

  2. Laura Says:

    I have been a fan since you came into the neighborhood at 51st & Lexington Avenue.I have sent emails to kenny and received a response right away.You guys are true professionals!Now, can we sample your shrimp dumplings at the “truck”??

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